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February 29, 2020

2020 Kidney Cancer Hackathon: Data

at TRIcon

Expectations: The expectation we have from participants is 1) that the data is not used past the hackathon without permission, 2) any result created is shared with the patient (Bill, who will keep it confidential until publication), and 3) if published, the publication acknowledges the researchers who created the data upon which the results are based.

Data: The p1RCC data below is available as well as prior hackathon data (see "Appendix: 2018 Hackathon Resources"). 

  • Exome Data: WES BLOOD NORMAL 150X, WES KIDNEY TUMOR 300X - available from Bill Paseman on Disk - see 1
  • RNA-seq data: RNA-seq KIDNEY TUMOR - 300M reads, RNA-seq KIDNEY NORMAL – 150M reads - available from Bill Paseman on Disk - see 1
  • DNA aligned data done with BWA aligner from Broad - available from Bill Paseman on Disk and online - see 2
  • RNA-seq Gene expression vector (Normal, Tumor) aligned, quantified, log2 transformed, and normalized FPKM values - available from Reed Bender - see 3
  1. Data is sourced from p1RCC OCT-embedded tissue (thanks to Dr. Max Meng and Tasha Lea from UCSF) and was sequenced by Kaya Bilguvar from Yale (Thanks to UCLA's Dr. Brian Shuch for the introduction).  Please include Max, Tasha, Kaya and Brian on any publications.
  2. Data was processed by Mike D'Amour.   Please include Mike, Tasha, Kaya and Brian on any publications.
  3. Reed Bender from Alex Feltus' group at Clemson used this article to create this.   Please include Reed, Max, Tasha, Kaya and Brian on any publications.

Appendix: 2018 Hackathon Resources

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