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February 16, 2016

Clinical Trials

A discussion of the ins and outs of clinical trials is here.  You can research clinical trials using the sites listed below:

  • - Weird fact.  Melanoma (Skin Cancer) and kidney cancer are closely related.  This site is run by the American Melanoma Foundation but lists Kidney Cancer trials by state and worldwide.
  • WHO - The World Health Organization's Clinical Trial listing site.
  • - If you belong to smartpatients (I do; it's free and moderated), you can use their search tool.
  • The 20150815 Northern California KCA Patient and Survivor Conference at Stanford recommended these sites:
    • and - Provides general info
    • - difficult to use, but "the" goto site for many US trials.  Here is a link to kidney cancer trials.
    • Stanford University's Site - describes trials they run.  Note that many academic institutions (Hospitals with "University" in their names) actually enroll and administer patients in the trials decribed in  So if there is a university with an associated medical school near you, it makes sense to call them up, mention your situation and ask to speak to a doctor or nurse that can help you.
    • National Cancer Institute - These guys believe that genomic analysis helps guide better treatment.  This trial follows that process.
    • uses EmergingMed for their service.
  • - Houston's MD Anderson has several rare kidney cancer specialists.  This site redirects to them.
  • - American Cancer Society's Clinical Trial Matching Service.  If you hate web forms, and want to talk to someone, they have a number.
  • - A real pain to use, but essential.  This is where Doctors announce the results: final and interim, on clinical trial research.  Here's a list of results reported for 2015.

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