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June 12, 2023

incomplete list of US RCC expert oncologists

(Stolen from SmartPateints)

This is an incomplete list of US RCC expert oncologists recommended by our members, with a few international listings.

A few names are urologists centered on urologic oncology or kidney cancer. Many excellent urologic surgeons are not listed here because good urologists are much easier to find than expert RCC oncologists.

  • Not every US state has a listing. Even some NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers do not have an expert RCC oncologist.
  • A listing may be the best the state has rather than a top-tier expert. In your conversations here, ask about doctors. The more experienced members will be able to guide you.
  • Many patients consult with a distant expert and get most of their care supervised by a local oncologist under the expert's guidance.
  • When a kidney cancer expert moves, a formerly famous program or facility may lose its luster for RCC patients. We recommend doctors over institutions.
  • For more information on a doctor, use Google to look up professional listings including research they've been involved with.

Last update: February 2022

United States:

Arizona: Dr. Thai Ho, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix/ Scottsdale


Los Angeles area:

Dr. Robert Figlin, Cedars-Sinai

Dr. Sumanta "Monty" Pal, City of Hope, Duarte and Irvine (check both places for the soonest appointment)

Dr. David Quinn, USC Health Sciences

Dr. Brian Shuch, UCLA

San Diego: Dr. Rana McKay, UCSD

San Francisco area:

Dr. David R. Minor, San Francisco Oncology Associates

Dr. Benjamin Chung, urology, Stanford School of Medicine Dr. Sandy Srinivas, urology, Stanford School of Medicine

Kaiser Permanente - Dr. Andrea Harzstark (only treats Kaiser patients)

Colorado: Denver: Dr. Michael Glode, U of Colorado Anschutz Cancer Pavilion, Aurora Dr. Elaine Lam, Anschutz and various satellite clinics

Connecticut: New Haven: Dr. David Braun, Yale Smilow Cancer Center Dr. Mario Sznol, Yale Smilow Cancer Center

Georgia: Atlanta: Dr. Mehmet Asim Bilen, Emory University


Jacksonville: Dr. Richard Joseph, Mayo Clinic Dr. Winston Tan, Mayo Clinic

Miami: Dr. Jaime Merchan, Sylvester Cancer Center

Tampa: Dr. Mayer Fishman, Tampa General Hospital Cancer Institute

Georgia: Atlanta: Dr. Mehmet Asim Bilen, Emory University

Illinois: Chicago area:

Dr. Joseph Clark, Loyola University

Dr. Timothy Kuzel, Rush University

Dr. Jeffrey Sosman, Northwestern University

Dr. Walter Stadler, University of Chicago

Indiana: Indianapolis: Dr. Nabil Adra, Indiana University Dr. Theodore Logan, Indiana University


Bethesda: National Cancer Institute (NCI) has trials for RCC including ongoing care for genetic syndromes (HLRCC, hereditary leiomyomatosis and renal cell cancer; BHD, Birt Hogg Dubé syndrome; VHL, Von Hippel Lindau syndrome; etc.). No insurance required at this location. Accepts foreign nationals.

Debbie Nielsen is the genetic counselor who helps patients seeking to enter the genetic kidney cancer program at NCI. Phone (240) 760-6247, fax (301) 480-2869, or email

Dr. Ramaprasad "Ram" Srinivasan, papillary RCC expert, NCI

Massachusetts: Boston:

Beth Israel Deaconess is one of only two US SPOREs, Specialized Program of Research Excellence, for renal cell carcinoma. All the Harvard-affiliated hospitals below that work together closely on RCC. Major practitioners:

Dr. David McDermott, Beth Israel Deaconess

Dr. Toni Choueiri, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Dr. Brad McGregor, Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Dr. Dror Michaelson, Massachusetts General Hospital

Minnesota: Rochester: The Mayo Clinic has Dr. Brad Leibovich, an excellent RCC surgeon, but no particular expertise in RCC oncology. Mayo has asked us NOT to refer out-of-state patients there for RCC.

Mississippi: Jackson: Dr. Charles Pound, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Nevada: Las Vegas: Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang, Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada

New York:


Dr. Roberto Pili, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

New York City:

Dr. Robert Motzer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Dr. Martin Voss, MSKCC Dr. Chung-Han "Joe" Lee, MSKCC

Dr. Ana Molina, Weill Cornell Comprehensive Cancer Care

Rochester: Dr. Peter van Veldhuizen, University of Rochester

North Carolina:

Charlotte: Dr. Asim Amin, Levine Cancer Center

Durham: Dr. Daniel George, Duke Cancer Institute

Ohio: Cleveland: Dr. Moshe Ornstein, Cleveland Clinic

Columbus: Dr. Edmund Folefac, Ohio State University Dr. J. Paul Monk, Ohio State University

Oregon: Portland: Dr. Brendan Curti, Providence Cancer Center

Dr. Christopher Ryan, OHSU

Pennsylvania: Philadelphia: Dr. Naomi Haas, University of Pennsylvania Health System

South Carolina: Charleston: Dr. Harry Drabkin, Medical University of South Carolina

Tennessee: Nashville: Dr. Brian Rini, Vanderbilt University



Dr. Thomas Hutson, Texas Oncology

Dr. James Brugarolas, UTSW Dr. Hans Hammers, UTSW Dr. Tian Zhang, UTSW (One of only two SPOREs, Specialized Programs of Research Excellence for kidney cancer in the US.)

Houston: Dr. Eric Jonasch, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Washington, DC:

Dr. Michael Atkins, Georgetown University

Also see listing for NCI in Bethesda, Maryland.

Washington state: Seattle: Dr. John Thompson, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Dr. Scott Tykodi, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Wisconsin: Franklin: Dr. Jonathan Treisman, genitourinary and other cancers, Ascension, Reiman Cancer Center


IKCC: The International Kidney Cancer Coalition has a wonderful international medical advisory board. Any of these professionals would be a good person to contact for expert care:

IKCC Medical Advisory BoardThe Medical Advisory Board provides high-level scientific and clinical expertise to IKCC. This ensures that the…IKCC - International Kidney Cancer Coalition

Australia: No oncologist specialist. Best bet is a major cancer center like Peter MacCallum in Melbourne.


Calgary, Alberta: Dr. Danny Heng, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia: Dr. Lori Wood, Dalhousie University

Toronto, Ontario: Dr. Georg Bjarnason, Sunnybrook Research Institute Dr. Michael Jewett, Urology, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Genitourinary Site Group, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

France: Paris: Dr. Laurence Albiges (female!), Institut Gustave-Roussy Dr. Bernard Escudier, Institut Gustave-Roussy

Germany: Munich: Dr. Michael Staehler, urology, Ludwig-Maximilians University

New Zealand: Tauranga (North Island): Dr. Elliott Brenman, medical oncologist, Canopy Cancer Care

UK: Contact Action Kidney Cancer to find an expert doctor or clinical trial. A great patient-run organization!


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