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May 18, 2018

2018 Kidney Cancer Hackathon: Day 1 20180518


Below are the presentations given tonight:

18.45: Ben Busby, PhD: Welcome, Intro & Bioinformatics Overview. - pdf

19.00: Steven Tamm, Salesforce Welcome

19.05: Pete Kane: SVAI Welcome.

19.08: Onno Faber: Patient Perspective. - pdf

19.15: Jyotika Varshney, DVM, PhD: Participant Experience.

19.22: Bill Paseman: The Dataset & Short Introduction.

19.25: Sam De Brouwer:

19.35: Ioana Aanei, PhD: How to build an institute without a building. - pdf

19.45: Dr. James Hsieh, PhD: Keynote. - pdf, youtube

20.15: Ben Busby PhD: Team Formation Assistance.

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