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February 6, 2024

A Patient’s Approach to Innovative Clinical Research

Presented at "Outsourcing in Clinical Trials West" on February 6, 2024

I presented my latest thinking on this.

A Patient’s Approach to Innovative Clinical Research

  • Room for improvement: Current Critiques of medical innovation
    • As outlined by the FDA's Janet Woodcock and Dr. Azra Raza
  • Hackathons: Using Gamified Tumor Boards to advance Research on particular patients
    • Oncologic clinical trials, where one researcher looks at "n" patients, fail 96.5% of the time.
    • A better building block is a "tumor board" where n doctors look at one pateint.
    • We describe a 2018 "hackathon" consisting of 17 competing tumor boards (each with n doctors) looking at one patient.
    • The "winning" team had the best research process.
  • Research Agents and Digital Twins: Next generation environments for automated data sharing and research
    • This can be autometed. Human teams are digitized using LLM technology.

Other Posts where I've written about this.

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