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May 25, 2018

2018 Kidney Cancer Hackathon: Continuing Projects

Some teams have said that they would like to continue their projects.  Below is the list I have heard about plus team leads. 

Here are some prior 2018 hackathon posts: A patient perspective, Bibliography, Data, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Kidney Cancer Genes, Results, Continuing Projects

Those interested in joining or creating a group, please contact and I'll connect you up. 

Team Leads, if I have not mentioned someone, please let me know and I'll add them; if You want an enhanced description, tell me and I'll add it.

  1. Personal Genome Sequencing - Team Lead: Mike D'Amour - see also DeeperDrugs
    1. Members: Monika, Xiaowei, Sean Davis, Ben Busby, Bill Paseman
    2. Goal: a plan to process Bill's genome to the current research standard or to get it resequenced using e.g. targeted enriched exome sequencing
  2. Renal Carcinoma Hypothesis Testing - Team Lead: Alex Feltus - see also AIzheng
    1. Members: Leland Dunwoodie
    2. Goal: includes, but not limited to, extending James Hsieh's ccRcc and chRcc River Models to p1Rcc.
    3. See also a TCGA-based cluster analysis that was released 20180525
  3. Biomarkers in p1Rcc - Team Lead: Maria Macabeo - see also ExpressForce
  4. Identification of neo-antigens - Team Lead: Andrew Wallace - see also damtheriver, perhaps with Sebastian Nguyen.
  5. Bulk Single-Cell-Type Sequencing - Team Lead: Brian Hanley 
    1. Next step is to have a conference call followon to group cced in Brian's email
  6. p1RCC Genetic Markers - Team Lead: Robert Van Spyk - See also HelloKidney2
    1. Goal: Improve clarity on deep variant somatic run. Hope to eventually look into therapeutics.
  7. Multi-targeting drugs (Once the drivers and pathways are known) - Team Lead: Biter Bilen - see also DeeperDrugs
  8. A Researcher/Patient Social Network - Team Lead: David Schachter
    1. Connect genomic cancer researchers with genome data from all the patients, in an easy-to-use cloud-based research environment.

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